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BizKniz is a special Advertising Site

  • How it Works

    BizKniz is a very simple yet effective advertising site. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to purchase our traffic products and Selling at BizKniz is completely optional.

    You are only paid a commission on direct referrals purchases; This is NOT a revenue share program and You will never be paid nor are you promised any interest on your purchases.

    We do offer up to 100% commissions to our members and commissions are not paid directly, they are accumulated on their BizKniz accounts instead.

    Traffic Packages

    We do offer several different Traffic Packages and we even offer a FREE Package to test the water.
    You can Join BizKniz as a free member and You will get a Basic, Free Advertising Package. You do not need to buy any Package to EARN with us, nor ysou need to buy anything to STAY with us..BizKniz is 100% free!

    You can only buy packages in order; You can't buy a bigger package than the next available to your membership type. Packages are sold in order. As a Free member you can buy the Small Package at any time.


    With EVERY traffic package we offer, You will get advertising on our Public and Member pages.
    We offer the following advertising types:

    - Text Ads
    - Banner Ads
    - Solo ads
    - Traffic Exchange

    Text ads, Banner Ads and Traffic Exchange Credits are cumulative while solo ads are not.
    This means that You can buy more than one package and You will get additional Text ad, banner ads and Traffic Exchange credits and impressions, but You will only get Solo ads as per Your Greater purchased Package (i.e. if you buy the Small Package then the Large package, You will get one solo ad every 7 days - LIFETIME - added to your account).

    Solo Ads will also show up on our Listings Page.

    Commissions and Bonuses

    Commissions are paid on direct referral purchases only as shown on our Packages Table.
    As every other Business, by promoting BizKniz You are not granted to earn commissions, and we kindly ask You to read our Earning Disclaimer before joining our site.

    We also offer a few bonuses to incentivate Your activity here at BizKniz:
    You get a bonus when You Join
    You get a bonus when You Login
    You get a bonus when You Refer a member
    You get a bonus when You Read our Members Solo Ads
    You get a bonus when You Read Admin communications

    Bonuses are explaind in full on the members Dashboard - within the member area.


    Every Advertising Package Purchase is a ONE TIME, LIFETIME PURCHASE.
    They are not recurring payments. The only Recurring Payment we do offer is the Gold Upgrade.
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  • Nam liber tempor cum soluta facilisis.
  • No at vero eros et accumsan et iusto odio dignissi.
  • Liber tempor cum soluta nobis pay as you go.
  • 1000 Impr. Banners
  • 100 Impr. Text Ad
  • 100 VisitsTE Credits
  • 1 Solo Ad To All
  • 10% Commissions
Small Package
  • 5000 Impr. Banners
  • 500 Impr. Text Ad
  • 500 VisitsTE Credits
  • 50 VisitsTE Credits
  • 1 Solo Ad ev. 30 Days
  • 20% Commissions
Medium Package
  • 13000 Impr. Banners
  • 1300 Impr. Text Ad
  • 1300 VisitsTE Credits
  • 1 Solo Ad ev 20 Days
  • 30% Commissions
Regular Package
  • 23000 Impr. Banners
  • 23000 Impr. Text Ad
  • 2300 VisitsTE Credits
  • 1 Solo Ad ev 15 Days
  • 40% Commissions

L Package
  • 43000 Impr. Banners
  • 43000 Impr. Text Ad
  • 4300 VisitsTE Credits
  • 1 Solo Ad ev 10 Days
  • 1 SUPER Solo Ad
  • 50% Commissions
XL Package
  • 63000 Impr. Banners
  • 63000 Impr. Text Ad
  • 6300 VisitsTE Credits
  • 1 Solo Ad ev 7 Days
  • 3 SUPER Solo Ad
  • 60% Commissions
Most Popular
XXL Package
  • 83000 Impr. Banners
  • 83000 Impr. Text Ad
  • 8300 VisitsTE Credits
  • 1 Solo Ad ev 4 Days
  • 5 SUPER Solo Ad
  • 80% Commissions
XXXL Package
  • 113000 Impr. Banners
  • 113000 Impr. Text Ad
  • 11300 VisitsTE Credits
  • 1 Solo Ad ev 2 Days
  • 7 SUPER Solo Ad
  • 100% Commissions

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